Caravan & Motorhome Tyres

Safety Checked and Fitted

Trye pressure checksBefore you take to the road for the first time this year, make sure you carry out basic safety checks to ensure a trouble free holiday. A few minutes could save your tyres, your holiday, your caravan and even your life.

Let Carlton Caravan Services put your mind at ease by letting us perform those essential tasks, we can come to you at home or check and change your tyres at our workshop, whichever suits you.

Out of season storage conditions can sometimes have a detrimental effect on caravan and trailer tyres. Owners are recommended to carry out some simple checks to ensure their safety.

  • Carefully examine tyres to ensure that there are no cuts, lumps or bulges and that the sidewalls are sound and not affected by ozone cracking or distortion through being left standing for an extended period.
  • Tyres must also have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread.
  • Owners of trailer caravans or trailer tents are advised that if the tyre are over 5 years old that they should be replaced irrespective of their condition.

Caravan tyre checks

A particularly important aspect of tyre safety, is the age of the tyres fitted to the caravan or trailer. Determining the age of a tyre is simple and straightforward. A code is marked on the tyre sidewall with the first two numbers determining the week, with the third and fourth digits referring to the year of manufacture. Should you be in any doubt about the condition or age of tyres, then simply get in touch with us.

  • Tyre pressures are equally crucial to the safety, stability and economical running of both the caravan and the towing vehicle. Under or over inflated tyres can not only affect the handling, but can at the extreme result in a tyre failure. Tyres not inflated to the correct pressures can also wear more quickly and will use more fuel and create more CO2 emissions. Owners should consult the vehicle handbook for the correct tyre pressures.